Preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation projects require detailed construction documents to ensure the best outcome.  Schnabel Conservation not only has broad experience with both established and new masonry restoration materials and procedures, we also have prepared numerous specifications for masonry restoration work.

Sometimes all you need is answers to a few questions. Schnabel Conservation is happy to provide consultation services tailored to your needs.

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With more than 25 years experience looking at historic buildings of all kinds, we are prepared to work with you from the first exploratory site visit through construction (or at any point along the way) to ensure the best outcome for your preservation project.

Sometimes a problem can only be understood by digging deeper than the surface. Schnabel Conservation knows where and how to look to diagnose problems so repairs can be developed to treat the cause and not just the symptoms. Solutions for leaks, cracks, efflorescence, displacement, and stains can all be best determined with pre-construction probes and testing.

Mortar analysis is a firm specialty. Our method combines petrographic thin-section analysis with acid digestion analysis to extract the maximum information from samples. X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis are used for more in-depth study. We also provide many other kinds of materials evaluations including stone identification and strength testing of masonry. Methods include ASTM International and RILEM standards.

Documentation and Construction

Understanding existing conditions is essential to designing successful repairs. Schnabel Conservation can perform assessments ranging from a simple overview to an intensive hands-on investigation depending upon the goals of the project. Strategic use of non-destructive testing methods like IR thermography can yield useful data during the assessment process. 

Probes and Testing

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Materials Analysis

Consultation and Troubleshooting


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